Welcome to the world of Psilosophy!

We are in the middle of a small revolution, and we can see today how more and more people are looking for higher states of consciousness which bring more joy, connection and authenticity among themselves rather than getting intoxicated with alcohol, chemical drugs and substances which contribute to the infatuation of the ego. We want to lead in the field of magic mushrooms, not only by having the most trusted products in the market, but also by giving meaningful directions of use to our customers so that you can truly experience the essence of magic.

With Voltaire, we wanted to introduce a chocolate adapted for social gatherings with a light dosage so that you can have a gentle journey into the world of magic without being too deeply immersed in the kingdom of unicorns. It’s the ideal companion for social gatherings, musical performances (typically festivals) but also to connect in silence with nature, from a hike in the mountains to a walk in the forest. Thanks to our team of mycologists and health consultants, we managed to overcome the drowsiness effect generated by visionary mushrooms so that you can remain alert and bubbly during the whole time. It is especially suited for people who want to try mushrooms for the first time.

Voltaire, let’s bring a new age of enlightenment!


The Queen of the Night

When night is falling and you must remain physically fit and focus to perform or to party, we have created the perfect companion to keep you alive till the morning rise. The perfect choice for those who want to feel energized without pushing the limits. It has the gift of clarity, a slight euphoria and a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to boost your mood and shake your grooves.

Never to be abused, Josephine has been designed to give additional stamina and alertness for those who want a soft but durable boost without compromising on their health. No jet-lag or accumulated fatigue can resist the spell of Josephine!

For those eager to replace other types of stimulants, you have finally a much better option than just doing a line in order to stay online. Josephine will support you in the most powerful way to get rid of any unhealthy pattern of chemical consumption associated with your social lifestyle.

And remember, Josephine is a lady, so treat her accordingly!

Josephine has already received raving reviews from our first circle of lucky testers!

Chocolate without visual or auditory effects.

We recommend starting your journey by making a small ritual; it can be a thought, a moment of silence, a prayer of gratitude… so that every time you meet her, alone or with your friends, you activate her magical powers by showing your respect to the fungi kingdom, where she’s coming from.