Our vision

Mykolabs started with a simple idea. To bring the best information in a concise way on what mushrooms can provide in terms of health benefits and how to take use them. From vitality to memory, to endurance, to detox, mushrooms have been on this planet way before most all other living organisms.

They have four distinctive actions on the body: they regulate, detox, nourish and balance. Knowing how to best use medicinal mushrooms is a science in itself. It depends on so many factors: from your age, to your lifestyle, your diet, your stress levels, etc,… Studying the ground-breaking properties of these amazing organisms will help you find out what potential health benefits can be gained from adding mushrooms to your diet.

We want to educate the public about these benefits and promote fungi as a way to reach optimal health or just to obtain a few additional health benefits depending where you are. As we all know, good health requires an holistic approach that takes into account diet, lifestyle, nutrition, genes, age, stress, etc,… Mushrooms have a unique and fascinating ability to restore our health by providing an exceptional mix of nutrients, vitamins, trace minerals and essential amino-acids, not to mention the famous betaglucans.

We believe in functional medicine where causes of illneses and unbalances are treated instead of symptoms. Health is a quest where one has to discover what works best for himself. Mushrooms are part of nature’s best kept secret to restore optimal health to our mind and body.

Our goal is to educate the public about these benefits and provide consumers with the most-powerful natural supplements that nature has gifted us.


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