Let’s bring a new sense of
to the world

Let’s bring a new sense of wonder to the world

Humans first, business second

The interest for magic mushrooms is exploding, both among the general public but also in the investment business. Between those who consider Magic Mushrooms as a sacred medicine which shouldn’t be monetized and smart investors eager to have their next EGO IPO, there is a balance to be found. Mushrooms are needed by humanity and both their access by the general public and the knowledge about how to use them need to be properly promoted to ensure a mature and safe use for the greater good of everyone.

We built our business with a view to offer the best guidance and experience to our customers.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy!

Legal Activism

We don’t want to break the laws. We want to change them. We have built over the years a large network of doctors, therapists and organisations in Europe to become an active contributor to the decriminalisation of PCM Mushrooms (like tobacco and alcohol). We intend to collaborate closely with health authorities as we have accumulated considerable expertise in the legal field and built a solid credibility with our team to be able to defend the health benefits of PCM (Psilocybin Containing Mushrooms), first under medical supervision, and then for decriminalized under a new regulatory setting.