Our social responsibility - How we contribute

Beside meeting the expectations of our customers, we want to actively support other initiatives and organisations which work to protect the environment, other cultures or pursue the same goals as we do. We have a few we know well and we would like to list them here as they are determined to make a difference in these areas.


Maloca International, a Geneva based NGO, works  to defend the rights of indigenous people and especially their rights to use plant medicines in their native countries and abroad as part of their traditions. Maloca is working to map the different cultures in South-America and across the globe in order to preserve the knowledge these cultures have accumulated about medicinal plants and traditions using plants like Ayahuasca or other plant medicines. It’s a good thing to protect the Amazon, but the best protectors are the native people living there. Maloca is an organisation recognised by the United Nations.


The Mycoverse Foundation in Liechtenstein, is working to bring cutting-edge knowledge about practical applications derived from mushrooms properties, to train doctors and health therapists (mycotherapists) on how to use medicinal mushrooms. The foundation is developing training programs for individuals and organisations to learn how to cultivate medicinal mushrooms in order to have enough mushrooms solve food production problems in third-world countries


Ka’an Keel in Mexico

The Wixacuta Preservation project (MX)

Bees Culture in Europe