Our Products

Our products are grown without any chemical and tested for their purity. Each type of vital mushroom provides many health benefits which have been consistently observed today in many medical studies over the last 40 years.

The benefits of these “vital” mushrooms can only be observed through experience. The anticipated health benefits of a given mushroom depend largely on the general physical condition of the consumer, his age, his diet and his lifestyle.

Taking different mushrooms at the same time create synergies and can reinforce the potency and efficiency of each mushroom.

We recommend a minimum period of 40 days to experience the maximum benefits of a mushroom based supplementation. Only high-quality mushrooms extract taken in the right dosage (depending on your age, lifestyle and general physical condition) can be expected to produce some real health benefits. Knowledge on how to use them is key.

Vital Mushrooms are generally safe but certain types can provoke a temporary thinning of the blood in high quantity or trigger strong detox allergies due to their chelating and detoxifying properties. We provide an informational brochure for each mushroom we sell on how to best use them.

As we continue our current development, we expect to release new products in the course of 2022.