Microdosing Protocol (MDP)

Micro-dosing pills @ 140 milligram each

Dosage: 2 pills

The product covers 2 months of use

Type: Psilocybe Cubensis B+

Golden Teachers

Hericium (Lion’s Mane)


Perceived benefits start from day one to max. 6-8 days  following the start of the protocol


We ship each protocol with a complete set of directions of use, common effects, recommendations and FAQ

Fast delivery in most European countries (including UK) within 2-3 days


The protocol contains 90 pills (serving is two pills) for two months use

Dosage adjusted to fit each person’s own sensitivity

Our microdosing protocol
brings the following benefits

Increases willpower and enhances both physical & mental performance

Nurtures spiritual well-being and serenity

Very effective treatment of depression

And many more…

Elevated mood & creativity throughout the day

Promotes concentration and inner peace

Probably the best treatment against procrastination.

Help to better cope with stress and to reduce social anxiety.

Do not interact with other medication